07/16/2013 3:19 pm

Translation in Paris revolutionizes the business model of translation : the estimate is immediate and the order is made on-line, with no additionnal charges

Translation in Paris offers you a legal, technical and commercial Russian translation of high quality by native translators, selected carefully.

07/10/2013 1:47 pm

We are glad to announce the Comtesse’s new trip : Latin America and Brazil !

We followed her in this new adventures, launching the new blogs and online shops !

02/26/2013 2:18 pm

KPO Lab is delighted to announce that it has launched its fully-fledged, specialized in French-to-Russian/Russian-to-French translation service, called “Traduction à Paris“.

02/14/2013 1:29 pm

In recent news, Scan & Trust is about to fully launch its B2B business. Watch this space for the latest updates on how Scan & Trust is helping to put trust back online for individuals and companies throughout.

02/14/2013 12:51 pm

We are thrilled to announce that our new mobile app, Kexto has been launched! Find out what the buzz is about by visiting its Facebook site, here.

02/14/2013 11:46 am

Want to know what Comtesse Sofia has been up to? She’s been working on her new collection which is now up, and available online! Find new inspirations in a-la-Russe designs, by visiting today!

05/31/2012 8:57 pm

How do we work with clients? We listen, discuss, collaborate, plan and then – execute! Experience has taught us that having clearly defined goals and milestones yields optimal results.

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05/31/2012 8:37 pm

We are very happy to announce that Comtesse Sofia is online now! It’s a beautiful website where you find beautiful scarves inspired by century old Russian traditions and finest Parisian style.

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05/31/2012 8:36 pm

When starting or developing an online business, it’s important to think about the intuitiveness and usability of your site – it’s integral to capturing the interest of your targeted audience. KPO Lab will help you design a site that won’t allow your user to get lost or bored. Honoring the ‘don’t make me think’ rule of web design, we’ll make sure you’re happy with the end result.

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